2011 Certificate: pg


Steven Spielberg brings Belgian author-illustrator Hergé's young adventurer Tintin to the silver screen in this animated blockbuster. Our bequiffed young hero (voiced by Jamie Bell) is in pursuit of a model galleon that holds the secret of treasure lost on the high seas centuries ago. Andy Serkis voices Tintin's boozily unreliable ally Captan Haddock while Daniel Craig is his duplicitous nemesis Red Rackham. Gorgeously rendered in sumptuous CGI, Spielberg evokes the spirit of Indiana Jones in his first feature foray into animation.


  • Steven Spielberg


  • Jamie Bell

  • Andy Serkis

  • Daniel Craig

  • Simon Pegg

  • Nick Frost


"If anyone can bring Tintin successfully to the screen, it is this young American film director..." Tintin creator Hergé observed months before his death in 1983.

The young director was Steven Spielberg and now - more than quarter of a century after that vote of confidence - Hollywood's brightest light celebrates that cinematic marriage with his first animated adventure.

Utilising Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson's ground-breaking Weta Digital production, Spielberg has scintillatingly brought the intrepid, adventure-hungry news reporter - voiced by Jamie Bell - to the big screen.

The result is rip-roaring rollercoaster of action set-pieces - possibly too many - that sees Tintin hook up with sottish sea dog Captain Haddock (Serkis) in his quest to reach a hoard of treasure before the villainous Red Rackham (Craig).

Tintin is first intrigued by the story when his acquisition of a model galleon at a bric-a-brac stall attracts the attention of a couple of text book goons...and a mysterious American with a message of warning is riddled with bullets on his doorstep.

Discovering a scrap of parchment hidden in the vessel, he is captured by Rackham's thugs and wakes up on board the leaky tub the Karaboudjan where he also meets Haddock, a despairing soak who's first concern is where the next tot is coming from.

Most of the adventure is concerned with their manic pursuit of the booty - the property of the skipper's swashbuckling ancestor Sir Francis Haddock - which takes them to North Africa and back to Europe and features numerous run-ins with Rackham and his heavies.

Action highlights include a stunning one-shot motorcyle chase through the streets of an African seaport, an exhilarating seaplane flight through the electric storm and a girder-crunching duel between to dock cranes that makes Transformers feel like metal handbags at dawn.

Kids will enjoy the day-glo pyrotechnics and mums and dads can revel in some of the most impressive CGI spectacle committed to celluloid.

Tim Evans