2014 Certificate: pg


The legend of Tarzan - the young boy raised by gorillas in the African jungle - gets a CGI-heavy retread thanks to the German director who brought us Animal Kingdom. When the parents of young JJ - New York entrepreneur John Greystoke and his wife - are killed in a helicopter crash, he's founded abandoned in the wreckage by a female ape - Kala - who raises him as her own. The colourful, motion-captured animation will please younger children.


  • Reinhard Klooss


  • Kellan Lutz

  • Spencer Locke

  • Trevor St John

  • Robert Capron

  • Jaime Ray Newman


German director Reinhard Klooss (Animal Kingdom) updates Edgar Rice Burroughs' century-old story with the introduction of a meteorite that crashed into the Earth years ago with the potential to power the international grid.

New York entrepreneur Greystoke and his family are in the African jungle searching for the massive chunk of rock when a helicopter crash kills mum and dad leaving the young JJ alone in the wreckage.

He's adopted by female ape Kala (who's just seen her hubbie killed by a sly alpha male gorilla and watched as her son toppled over a cliff. Not a great day).

Growing up in the rainforest, he soons learns to adapt and even out-swings his primate step-brothers before chancing upon Jane (Resident Evil: Extinction's Spencer Locke), the daughter of one of his father's old buddies holidaying in the jungle.

After rescuing her from poisonous snakes and a large carnivorous chicken, their tentative romance takes a back-seat when the scheming executive who replaced Greystoke - Clayton (St John) - turns up with his beady eye on an unlimited source of power.

The main draw here is Twilight's Kellan Lutz, who supplied the voice (well, growl) and muscle-bound performance capture template for the impressive scenes of the ape-man swooping through the foliage.