1961 Certificate: none


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  • Ernest Morris


  • John Scott

  • Dermot Walsh

  • Anton Rodgers


The Danziger brothers, Edward J and Harry Lee, were two American producers who set up shop in Britain in the late Forties and, for the next 20 years, proceeded to chum out scores of low-budget comedies and thrillers including, later, many 25 minute dramas for television. They didn't often venture into the realm of the war film, and Tarnished Heroes was also one of their longer productions. But otherwise, things are reassuringly in their place with Dermot Walsh, hero of a fistful of `B' movies, at the head of the cast. In a small role as a trench officer, you may spot Frank Thornton, later well-known on television for his long-running role in Are You Being Served?