1967 Certificate: 15


Before finding fame with The Last Picture Show, actor-director Peter Bogdanovich made his debut with this compelling suspense thriller. Boris Karloff stars, appropriately, as an ageing horror movie star who reluctantly agrees to make a public appearance at a drive-in screening. But the gathering crowds also attract a psychotic sniper who has gone on the rampage. With B-movie king Roger Corman as producer, Bogdanovich draws on the 1966 killing spree of mass murderer Charles Whitman to make sharp observations on horrors both fictitious and real.


  • Peter Bogdanovich


  • Boris Karloff

  • Tim O'Kelly

  • Nancy Hsueh


A very unsettling film which not only put Peter Bogdanovich right on the map as a director but gave ageing horror star Boris Karloff a welcome meaty role as - an ageing horror star. But its concern over American gun laws, voiced through the story of a sniper who has already killed his own family, went largely unheeded. Ingeniously constructed, hard-hitting stuff.