1999 Certificate: u


Orphaned mouse Stuart Little (voiced by Michael J Fox) is taken in by wealthy New Yorkers Hugh Laurie and Geena Davies as company for their little boy. However, there is a gauntlet of terror to be run around their brownstone home, not least the vengeful family cat Snowbell (Nathan Lane). Combining smart CG animation with a likeable human cast, director Rob Minkoff crafts a charming mouse-capade from E. B. White's evergreen children's tale.


  • Rob Minkoff


  • Michael J Fox

  • Jonathan Lipnicki

  • Nathan Lane

  • Hugh Laurie

  • Geena Davis


When little boys pine for a younger brother, they don't expect a talking mouse.

But that's exactly what the youngster in this delightful film gets: Stuart Little, an orphan mouse, with plenty of wisecracks and a heart as big as Manhattan.

At first, Stuart finds himself disliked by the fluffy talking cat, Snowbell, but after a sort of abduction, and many adventures, Snowbell proves to be a great friend to our hero.

This is an ingenious film for children that will also be loved by discerning adults.

Computer animation wizardry sits side by side with live actors Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie.

The whole thing adds new meaning to the word 'cheerful'.