2013 Certificate: 12


Career criminal Nic Cage goes down for a long stretch following a heist-gone-wrong that left his partner (Josh Lucas) dead. But when he leaves prison, he discovers Lucas merely faked his own end and - crazed with revenge - has kidnapped Cage's daughter and is keeping her in the boot of his cab until Cage shells out the $10m stolen in the heist that sent him to jail. But he hasn't got it. Thriller. Oh yes.


  • Simon West


  • Nicolas Cage

  • Josh Lucas

  • Danny Huston

  • Malin Akerman

  • Sami Gayle


Nic Cage is Will Montgomery, a master burglar who almost gets away with one last big job, until his partner gets them into trouble and Will gets cornered. So he burns the cash before the cops nab him in order to reduce the inevitable sentence.

Once out of the clink, Cage sets about reconnecting with his daughter, unaware that his ex-partner in crime, Vincent (Lucas), has faked his own death, cut off a couple of limbs and is trawling around New Orleans in a taxi, waiting for his moment of vengeance.

In order to exact it, he kidnaps the estranged daughter and drives around town, demanding that Cage retrieve the missing (and as we well know, long-burnt) loot.