2012 Certificate: 12


Dance queen Emily (Kathryn McCormick) arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. She sparks with Sean (Ryan Guzman), the leader of a dance crew, but their friendship is threatened by her developer father's plans to concrete over Sean's neighbourhood. The relocation of the peerless dance franchise to sun-kissed Florida - salsa, sun and sex - pays off, with the dancing morphing (sort of) into revolutionary organised chaos.


  • Scott Speer


  • Kathryn McCormick

  • Ryan Guzman

  • Cleopatra Coleman

  • Stephen Boss


Ryan Guzman is Sean, waiter by day, by night the co-founder of The Mob, a flash-mobbing dance crew who halt traffic and crash art galleries in the hope of winning a YouTube competition by getting 10 million hits.

When Sean meets privileged and beautiful Emily (McCormick), daughter of the local property tycoon (The O.C. fans will get a kick out of seeing Peter Gallagher, aka Sandy, as a baddie), their shared love of dancing brings them together.

He helps her find original moves for an audition to dancing school, she brings The Mob purpose: "Enough performance art. It's time for protest art!"

Guzman, it turns out, had never danced pro before this film. He actually used to be a mixed martial artist, and won the part because of his "strong" acting. Well, we're not quite sure about that, but his dancing is superb.

In fact, all the dancing is mesmerising, with highly original set pieces, contemporary routines and a sort of revolutionary organised chaos that will definitely appeal to the teen demographic most likely to go and watch these films.

Relocating from the urban streets of the film's predecessors to the boardwalks of Miami was a good move too, pumping up that that attractive blend of salsa, sun and sex.