2002 Certificate: 12


In the tenth big-screen Enterprise - the fourth for 'The Next Generation' - age catches up with Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his crew as they face marriage and retirement. Unfortunately, it all coincides with Earth's gravest crisis as peace talks between the Federation and the Romulans are sabotaged by Picard's evil clone (a breakout role for British star Tom Hardy). The balance of the cosmos depends on equal parts action and emotion.


  • Stuart Baird


  • Patrick Stewart

  • Brent Spiner

  • Jonathan Frakes

  • Michael Dorn


In what is rumoured to be the final outing for Star Trek's Next Generation team, Nemesis handsomely fulfils its aim to please non-Trekkies.

This of course, on top of the franchise's ardent fans - you know the ones...loner types into progressive rock and enthusiast's conventions.

Nature versus nurture is at the heart of the battle between Picard (Stewart) and his nemesis Shinzon (Black Hawk Down's Tom Hardy).

The story begins when Shinzon, a clone of a young Jean-Luc Picard, literally dissolves the Romulan senate and installs himself as Praetor, its leader.

Back on earth, in pinky Alaskan hues, it's the wedding day of William Riker (Frakes) and Deanna Troi (Sirtis) and the captain is best man.

En route to a second ceremony in Troi's homeland, Betazed, Picard receives news of the coup and is sent to discuss a peace treaty with the Praetor.

The action kicks off with a jaunty, off-road desert buggy ride in the Argo, when Picard finds a Data-like android.

Before the mid-air battles take place, there's a battle of wills between baldies Picard and Shinzon.

Some scenes echo Mike Myers' Dr Evil and Mini Me, but it's all harmless fun and doesn't detract from the story.

It's been four years since the below-par Insurrection and the film-makers have obviously spent the time working on a half-decent straightforward plot for the next instalment.

Nemesis isn't that fast-paced (it's certainly not Warp Factor 9) but is action-packed and full of emotion - tears will be shed.