1959 Certificate: u


Director Billy Wilder's legendary Oscar-winning comic masterpiece stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as two musicians who go on the run from gangsters and find work disguised as women in an all-girl jazz band. Marilyn Monroe is Sugar Kane, the chanteuse they both fall for but cannot reveal their true selves without the mob finding out who they are. A milestone comedy to see and see again.


  • Billy Wilder


  • Marilyn Monroe

  • Joe E Brown

  • Tony Curtis

  • Jack Lemmon

  • George Raft


The legendary comic masterpiece from director Billy Wilder that's full of racy, funny lines.

Marilyn Monroe parades sexily in her role as singer Sugar Kane, object of pursuit by musicians Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon (who cannot reveal their lust for her because they are dressed as women in order to escape from murderous mobsters).

The performances by Lemmon and Curtis are terrific, and the script, by Wilder and IAL Diamond, sizzles with wit: stay put for Joe E Brown's now-classic closing line.

A milestone comedy to watch again and again.