2017 Certificate: 15


The chips are stacked against crooked undercover Las Vegas cop Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) when he rubs out two crooks and makes off with $7m-worth of cocaine. A bent casino boss (Dermot Mulroney) was due to turn the drugs over to the psycho son (Scott McNairy) of a local mob boss...so he kidnaps Vincent's teenage boy. And then there's Michelle Monaghan's internal affairs investigator to worry about. Efficient remake of the 2011 French thriller Sleepless Night.


  • Baran bo Odar


  • Jamie Foxx

  • Scoot McNairy

  • Gabrielle Union

  • Octavius J Johnson

  • Dermot Mulroney

  • Michelle Monaghan

  • Sala Baker


Corrupt Las Vegas cop Vincent Downs (Jamie Foxx) finds himself gambling with his son's life when he makes off with $7m-worth of cocaine earmarked for a local mobster.

Crooked casino boss Rubino (Mulroney) - who was due to hand the dope over to unhinged hoodlum's son Novak (McNairy) - grabs Vincent's teenage son Thomas (Johnson) as a hostage for the return of the drugs.

However, suspicious Internal Affairs investigator Bryant (Monaghan) follows Vincent and the bag of coke to Rubino's glitzy Vegas hotel and makes off with it after the desperate cop stashes it in a washroom.

Swiss director Baran bo Odar - remaking the 2011 French thriller Sleepless Night - confines the action to the hotel, a device that pays dividends as an evermore desperate Vincent races from penthouse to disco to underground car park in a nail-biting bid to find his son.

A superfluous level of peril is introduced with Vincent's worried ex-wife (Union) turning up just as most of the bullets are flying but - for the most part - the dynamic is kept pleasingly taut and the action set-pieces ably handled.

Have a flutter on it.

Tim Evans