2010 Certificate: 15


Los Angeles faces Armageddon when a sinister looking spaceship settles over the city and begins projecting blinding columns of light onto the ground. Mesmerised city folk find themselves whisked into the air and into the hovering hulk. A group of upwardly mobile professionals watch terrified through the blinds of their 20-storey luxury block. It's essentially a hi-tech collision between Cloverfield and War of the Worlds in special effects maestros the Strause Brothers' visually stunning sci-fi thriller. Monsters roam the city's boulevards and stealth bombers scream through the sky as the unwelcome visitors take the city by storm.


  • Colin Strause

  • Greg Strause


  • Donald Faison

  • Eric Balfour

  • David Zayas

  • Scottie Thompson

  • Brittany Daniel


We all know that Los Angeles is essentially a city of airheads. That's why it's called La-La land. So it's hardly surprising to see hundreds off them drifting off into the ether.

However, these aren't lame-brained Los Angelenos after too many venti soy caramel frappuchinos. These are just normal folk. Well, as normal as you can get in California.

Hordes of city folk are being sucked towards an enormous, twinkling cockroach-like mother ship which has settled - District 9-style - over the city.

The alien craft emits a blinding light that hypnotises the unwary...and before you can say War of the Worlds, they're being weightlessly lifted into the bowels of the hovering spaceship.

And any stragglers who have averted their eyes and managed to hide are rounded up by giant, metallic flying jellyfish whose tendrils drag their screaming victims into their vast mouths.

Fortunately for graphic designer Jarrod (Balfour) and pregnant girlfriend Elaine (Thompson) their LA playboy host Terry (Faison) has kept the blinds down in his plush penthouse.

It's only matter of time before the roving aliens clock them so - with the help of a resourceful janitor - they attempt to flee the luxury block...in a Ferrari and a top-of-the-range Mercedes.

However, the ever-watchful extra-terrestrial monsters don't appear impressed with high-end, foreign motors and literally stamp out that particular avenue of escape. What are a chisel-jawed, firm-toned, clear-skinned group of survivors to do?

Leaning heavily towards Cloverfield (without the "found-footage" gimmick), the Strause Brothers have computer programmed an efficient sci-fi thriller that doesn't go anywhere new...but makes a familiar journey enjoyable enough.

Borrowing heavily from the afore-mentioned films, it also pinches liberally from Independence Day (aerial dogfight) and The Matrix Revolutions (weird flying things) so any sense of identity is lost in the murk of high-end grand larceny.

That said, it's enjoyable enough, but - like a phone call from Mel Gibson - doesn't know when to stop.