2012 Certificate: 15


Horror sequel starring X-Men Origins' Adelaide Clemens as a teenager on the run from dark forces that want her to return to the fiendishly haunted American town of Silent Hill. When her father (Sean Bean) is captured by the shadowy cult, she has to head back to her ash-swathed home and into a demonic world that threatens to trap her forever. Based on the video game Silent Hill 3, director Michael J Bassett (Solomon Kane) fashions a disturbing alternative reality, featuring the visually arresting stuff of nightmares. And Malcolm McDowell.


  • Michael J Bassett


  • Adelaide Clemens

  • Sean Bean

  • Kit Harington

  • Carrie-Anne Moss

  • Radha Mitchell


Traumatised teen Heather (Clemens) is continually being dragged from town to town for an unspecified reason by her doting dad (Bean).

It all becomes clear when she discovers she was not, in fact, in a car accident but is the "good half" of Alessa, a wrong 'un who possesses supernatural powers and wants Heather to return to Silent Hill for a diabolic cult ceremony. Which, of course, she does.

Heather drifts between the real world and a parallel universe populated with writhing beasts (Malcolm McDowell clanking his chains), animated shop dummies and gasmask-shrouded stormtroopers. Even Pete Doherty's got a firmer grip on reality.

Thanks to superlative production design from Alicia Keywan, it all looks violently malevolent.