2001 Certificate: u


Once upon a time there was an animated adventure that dared to take a traditional fairytale and give it that rare and wondrous thing: a sense of humour. And verily it was a ground-breaking, Oscar-winning treat, telling the story of a grumpy, green ogre (voiced by Mike Myers) who, together with a beautiful, butt-kicking princess (Cameron Diaz) and a motormouthed donkey (Eddie Murphy), stood up to a horrid little tyrant (John Lithgow). With gags coming from every direction (especially from the BAFTA-nominated Murphy) and a visual style all of its own, Shrek is truly a cause for celebration.


  • Andrew Adamson

  • Vicky Jenson


  • Mike Myers

  • Eddie Murphy

  • Cameron Diaz

  • John Lithgow