2000 Certificate: 12


Chinese imperial guard Jackie Chan teams up with Owen Wilson's smalltime outlaw in 19th century America to track down a princess (Lucy Liu) who has been kidnapped from the Forbidden City and taken to Nevada. Much humour is derived from the clash between the east and (wild) west and Wilson's laconic verbal riffs are always worth a watch. As ever, Chan does his own stunts.


  • Tom Dey


  • Jackie Chan

  • Owen Wilson

  • Lucy Liu


When beautiful Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu) is kidnapped from China and taken to the Wild West, the Emperor picks three of his most noble guards to deliver a gold ransom to her kidnappers.

Wang insists on joining the three men on their journey.

However, it isn't long before he is separated from the group, eventually teaming up with small-time robber, Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson), an unlikely partner whose heart is set on claiming the gold for himself.

After a rocky start, the two form a somewhat haphazard partnership, providing endless thrills and spills.

Shanghai Noon is packed with plenty of high-kicking action in true Jackie Chan style as East meets West in this stereotypical comic adventure.

Chan is a masterful martial artist and stuntman. Every film he stars in demonstrates his skill in a different, creative way.

What's refreshing is that the plot tying these action sequences together is better than can be found in most films of the same genre, making for an unpredictable, exciting and truly funny comic misadventure.

Make sure you stay to the end or you'll miss some hilarious out-takes in this culture-clash comedy.

If you enjoyed Rush Hour, you'll love this.