1975 Certificate: 18


Warren Beatty is the womanising Beverly Hills hairdresser whose emotional tangles with Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn lead to trouble in Hal Ashby's 70s classic. Co-written by Beatty and Robert 'Chinatown' Towne, the drama takes a satirical swipe at the lives of the rich and famous and offers juicy roles to the leading ladies - not least Lee Grant, who won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as one of Beatty's married conquests.


  • Hal Ashby


  • Warren Beatty

  • Goldie Hawn

  • Julie Christie


An immensely-successful film whose vein of strong black humour disguises its criticisms of American morals and society.

Warren Beatty is the hairdresser, determined to set up his own business, who preys on those wealthy female clients (Goldie Hawn, Julie Christie) whom he knows won't upset his diet of shampoo and sex with wails about marriage and divorce.

But it is that formidable actress Lee Grant, as Beatty's first big catch, who won an Academy Award. Carrie Fisher, later to gain fame as heroine in the Star Wars movies, makes her debut as Grant's sexy daughter.

Review by IPC