2000 Certificate: 18


Samuel L Jackson fills Richard Roundtree's superfly shoes (but ditches the afro) as John Shaft - the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks - in this flashy update of the original blaxploitation classic from 1971. Christian Bale sneers it up as Walter Wade Jr, the well-connected scumbag who gets away with murder - until Shaft goes on a personal vendetta to bring him down. Roundtree appears in cameo alongside Jeffrey Wright, Toni Collette and Busta Rhymes. Boyz N The Hood director John Singleton calls the shots, his best one being to retain Isaac Hayes' unbeatable score. Can you dig it?


  • John Singleton


  • Samuel L Jackson

  • Christian Bale

  • Vanessa Williams

  • Jeffrey Wright

  • Toni Collette


He's tough, he's smart, he's cool, he's John Shaft.

Shaft's nemesis this time around is Walter Wade (Bale), a cocky, wealthy white kid who kills a young black student, gets out on bail and flees the country.

Two years later Wade and Shaft are reunited but, upon making bail for a second time, Wade is back on the streets again.

By quitting the police force Shaft takes the law into his own hands and, with no lawyers, politics, rules or regulations, he's determined to get Wade his own way.

Shaft knows the one person who can help him put Wade away for good is Diane Palmieri (Toni Colette), a witness to the murder.

Wade forms an alliance with powerful drug lord Peoples Hernandez (Wright) and so receives help in his attempt to track down the hard-to-find girl before Shaft.

The race is on - but who will reach her first?