2001 Certificate: 18


Erotic supernatural thriller starring Jacy Andrews. Shortly after moving into a shared house occupied by four strange, sexually-charged young women, a college student comes to realise that her flatmates are in fact witches who want her to join their coven. With Teanna Kai, Nikki Fairchild.


  • Edward R Holzman


  • Jacy Andrews

  • Jared Lincoln

  • Jezebelle Bond

  • Amber Newman

  • Nikki Fairchild

  • Teanna Kai


There's plenty of 'phwoar' factor here for those who relish a bit of late-night lust. The story (or, rather, excuse for sexy shenanigans) concerns college student Nina (Jacy Andrews), who takes a room in a house inhabited by a bevy of pneumatic beauties (Teanna Kai, Nikki Fairchild, Jezebelle Bond and Amber Newman) - who turn out to be witches. And they're up to something more than magic, that's for sure (especially since Kai and Fairchild have plenty of hardcore on their CVs). There's lots of nudity and plenty of sexual variations to steam up the screen (assuming, of course, that no one's been at the film with the scissors).