1995 Certificate: u


While winning a best screenplay Oscar for her adaptation of Jane Austen's romantic classic, Emma Thompson also stars as the manor-born Elinor Dashwood, whose father dies leaving his female dependants without a penny. Shorn of their inheritance, the Dashwood ladies move to a humble cottage in Devon where Elinor and her headstrong sister Marianne (Kate Winslet) are wooed by a variety of suitors (including Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Greg Wise). But while the attention is flattering, their futures depend on striking the balance between affairs of the head and the heart.


  • Ang Lee


  • Emma Thompson

  • Kate Winslet

  • Hugh Grant

  • Alan Rickman

  • Gemma Jones

  • Greg Wise

  • Imogen Stubbs


Emma Thompson, who also wrote the screenplay (and won an Oscar for it), and her two sisters are left penniless when their dead father's money goes elsewhere.

With a small income but nowhere to live, the girls are gifted a Devon country cottage on the estate of a crass cousin.

Emma and middle sister Kate Winslet become the subject of various amorous entanglements involving Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and Greg Wise.

An elegant and charming adaptation of Jane Austen's classic.