1972 Certificate: 12


Angry drama in which Jack Lemmon battles with a mid-life crisis... to Oscar-winning effect. Lemmon plays Harry Stoner, a clothing manufacturer whose life and business are both rapidly going down the pan. A hero during World War II, Harry finds himself contemplating decidedly unheroic measures to get himself out of trouble. Director John G Avildsen went on to back three other underdogs: Rocky, Rambo and The Karate Kid.


  • John G Avildsen


  • Jack Lemmon

  • Jack Gilford

  • Laurie Heineman


This has a typical Jack Lemmon performance of full throttled intensity, revelling in another portrait of modern angst, chewing the role voraciously before swallowing it whole.

For his performance as the snarlingly harassed Harry, Lemmon was rewarded with an Oscar.