2008 Certificate: 15


The potty-mouthed Jewish comedienne cracks gags at the expense of all-comers from blacks to lesbians in this live concert filmed in Los Angeles. Best known in Britain for her I'm F*****g Matt Damon YouTube classic, her show is not so much politically incorrect as a gag-armed, sexually brutal and casually racist nuclear attack on all the taboos that liberal America holds dear.


  • Liam Lynch


  • Sarah Silverman

  • Brian Posehn

  • Laura Silverman


Imagine the archetypally demure girl-next-door smiling sweetly and then letting fly with the sort of language Roy "Chubby" Brown would deem too risqué.

This is Sarah Silverman, a vivacious brunette who uses her striking looks to sugar the pill of a stand-up routine so scabrous she is hailed in some quarters as "the new female Lenny Bruce"

Like Ricky Gervais and Johnny Vegas, she adopts a character - in her case a self-centred Jewish hipster, brash and clueless about political correctness - with which to render cosy, white, middle class audiences speechless.

So you get serenely delivered lines like "the best time to have a baby is when you're a black teenager" or a sketch featuring her singing "You're Going To Die Soon" to a group of cheery pensioners.

The film kicks off with a documentary-style sequence where Sarah - intimidated by the comedy success stories of her sister Laura and buddy Brian Posehn - announces she is off to perform a show "that's about the Holocaust...and AIDs...except it's funny. And a musical."

The movie then segues into Silverman's celebrated stand-up show occasionally punctuated by the odd sketch where she gamely cranks out a spoof number about porn stars or lesbians which is machine-tooled to offend.

Which, of course, it doesn't...because this is a literate, comedy audience comfortably familiar with this sort of provocative act, albeit one delivered by a nice Jewish girl from New Hampshire.

Nevertheless, it's a winning, expertly delivered routine, honed after years on the comedy circuit and one which has landed her roles in There's Something About Mary, School of Rock and Evolution.

Ultimately, it's difficult to resist...especially when she comes out with lines like: "I don't care if you think I'm racist - I just want you to think I'm thin."