2014 Running time: 109 Certificate: 15 Rating: 3


Veteran cop John Breacher (Arnold Schwarzenegger) leads a play-by-their-own-rules undercover DEA unit who aren't above trousering a slice of the cash during a drugs bust. However, when they make the mistake of pilfering the profits of a vicious Latin American cartel, they find themselves being brutally picked off one-by-one. It's up to Breacher - with the help of Olivia Williams' detective - to hunt down their lethal assailants. Gung-ho action from End of Watch director David Ayer.


  • David Ayer


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Sam Worthington

  • Olivia Williams

  • Mireille Enos

  • Terrence Howard

  • Joe Manganiello


Co-writer and director David Ayer describes Arnie's performance as a DEA enforcer mourning the brutal murder of his wife and son as "a bit like Silence of the Lambs meets The Hurt Locker". Right.

But once you've got a handle on where Ayer's (deluded) head is there's plenty to guiltily savour - most of it unintentional - in a revenge yarn that unspools like End of Watch played for laughs.

We first meet Vietnam vet Breacher (Arnie) and his tattooed gang of rebellious DEA goons when they're taking down a gang of coke-snorting mobsters at their heavily fortified mansion.

After making large, bloody holes in the crimmos, Breacher and his boys - plus flame-haired enforcer Lizzy (Mireille Enos) - secure a massive stash of cash...but not before creaming off $10m for themselves.

However, when they return to the crime scene to retrieve the moolah, it's gone. To make matters worse the team find themselves the target of a murderous enemy which begins its killing spree by locking one agent in his RV...and parking it on the tracks in front of an express train.

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