1998 Certificate: 12


Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker form the mismatched dream team in this anarchic culture-clash cop caper. When the Chinese consul's daughter is kidnapped in LA, Chan's Lieutenant Lee is called in from Hong Kong to clear up the FBI's mess with Tucker's local detective Carter. Unfortunately, their methods don't exactly gel - but they do a great line in stereotype-driven banter. Action specialist Brett Ratner directs the mayhem while Tom Wilkinson adds villainous weight.


  • Brett Ratner


  • Jackie Chan

  • Chris Tucker

  • Tom Wilkinson

  • Julia Hsu


The marriage of rap comedian Chris Tucker and martial arts ace Jackie Chan works well in a story of a mysterious mastermind behind Hong Kong crime and his ruthless enforcer, both of whom turn up in downtown LA to kidnap the daughter of the Chinese consul and demand a ransom of $50million - raised to $70million when the FBI bungles rescue attempts.

It's up to mavericks Chan, a Hong Kong police lieutenant, and Tucker, as an LAPD detective, the reluctant partners in mayhem, to save the day. And so they do, in a film full of lightning kung fu fights, personable performances all round (especially from Tzi Ma as the feisty 11-year-old kidnap victim) and a riotous set of outtakes at the end. Good fun.