1983 Certificate: 18


Following The Outsiders, Francis Ford Coppola adapts another of SE Hinton's tales of adolescent angst to put another generation of teenage rebels on the road to stardom. Mickey Rourke broods Brando-style as the leather-clad loner who returns to the city to find his kid brother (Matt Dillon) wrapped up in the gang lifestyle. Dennis Hopper plays their deadbeat father, while Diane Lane, Larry Fishburne and Nicolas Cage are also caught up in the urban strife. With a screenplay from Hinton herself, this is a cool story of disaffected youth, shot through in monochrome style.


  • Francis Ford Coppola


  • Mickey Rourke

  • Matt Dillon

  • Dennis Hopper

  • Diane Lane

  • Nicolas Cage

  • Vincent Spano

  • Laurence Fishburne


'Hey man. This cat Francis Coppola's made this movie about us guys and you gotta see it. So who says there's no plot? - it's about this guy who fights other guys and his mad brother comes back and saves him from gettin' killed and then gets shot by the cop who's after his butt, man.

"No dialogue? Sure, there's dialogue: not much you could print, or hear maybe, but who cares, man? Watch us lurch around the pool hall, man, or stumble round the streets lookin' for a rumble, man. I mean that's our lifestyle, up there on the screen.

"What else d'ya want, man? Entertainment? What's that man? Heavy sex right? Well, you got that too, man, and all in that real sleazy black and white, man - I tell you, it's real neat.

"You agree, right? So how come you went to sleep, man? Don't you know nothin' about communication? '