2016 Certificate: 12


Smalltown beauty queen and aspiring young actress Marla Mabry (Lily Collins) arrives in Los Angeles where she's under contract to the infamous billionaire Howard Hughes (Warren Beatty, who also directs). At the airport she meets her driver Frank (Alden Ehrenreich) and the pair are instantly attracted. However, not only is Frank engaged, but Hughes' number one rule is that no employee is allowed to have any relationship with a contracted actress. As a Hollywood legend himself, Beatty is just the man to call the shots and round up a stellar cast (including Martin Sheen, Candice Bergen and Annette Bening as Marla's mother) for this torrid Tinseltown tale.


  • Warren Beatty


  • Lily Collins

  • Alden Ehrenreich

  • Warren Beatty

  • Annette Bening

  • Candice Bergen

  • Martin Sheen

  • Matthew Broderick

  • Steve Coogan