2014 Running time: 99 Certificate: 12 Not yet rated


Feckless school security guard Ben (Kevin Hart) has to prove to hard-as-nails Atlanta cop James (Ice Cube) that he's good enough to marry his sister (Tika Sumpter) by joining him on patrol in the city. However, their pratfall-crammed day results in them falling foul of the town's mysterious crime king Omar. Fast-talking comedy caper from director Tim Story (Think Like A Man).


  • Tim Story


  • Kevin Hart

  • Ice Cube

  • Tika Sumpter

  • John Leguizamo

  • Bruce McGill

  • Laurence Fishburne


New kid on the comedy block Kevin Hart appears under the illusion that he's the new Eddie Murphy.

Unfortunately, he's more an African-American Joe Pasquale, a critically limited comic who mistakes high-pitched hysteria for wit.

In this stuttering, mismatched buddy caper Hart is cast as Ben, a security guard who can't even maintain order in a high school yet lucked out in his private life to snare long-limbed beauty Tika Sumpter.

For some reason, she finds something attractive about his juvenile video game addiction and all-consuming delusion that he's a libidinous player revelling under the moniker Black Hammer.

Her hardnut detective brother James (Ice Cube, moody) isn't taken in... and invites him along on a patrol through the mean streets of Atlanta with the intention of seeing if he's got what it takes to squire his sis.

His first test is to square up to a cliched gang of Hell's Angels who've cockily parked their Harleys on a disabled space. Ben mouths off. A biker spits on his trainer. Ben gets less lippy. Ben and James drive off. Few stand-offs have threatened less peril.

Next up, Ben is taken to gun store, spouts knowledgeably about heavy armour (info gleaned from his wasted days as a gamer) and is then knocked backwards by the recoil of a pump-action rifle. It gets no better. No, really, it gets no better than this.

It's difficult to believe that this lame affair is directed by Tim Story, who made the effortlessly superior ensemble comedy Think Like A Man just two years earlier.

Hart is more suited to live performance: his bargain-basement Murphy routine irritates where it should entertain while Cube fares slightly better with a personality default that reads 'sullen' and little more.

There is nothing new on show, least of all the decision to cast the baddies as Serb gunmen led by a mysterious Mr Big and only known as Omar.

Don't get taken for a ride (along).

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