2012 Certificate: 15


The fifth outing in the zombie-smashing franchise sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) take the fight to the all-powerful, all-evil Umbrella Corporation and their virally mutated abominations. As Alice reunites with her resident equals Rain (Michelle Rodriguez) and Jill (Sienna Guillory), it looks as though Umbrella is facing an all-out blitz. But they've found a way into Alice's mind. You too should prepare to have your senses frazzled.


  • Paul WS Anderson


  • Milla Jovovich

  • Michelle Rodriguez

  • Sienna Guillory

  • Kevin Durand

  • Colin Salmon


Mila Jovovich returns as the S&M-clad supervixen Alice for a fifth outing in the video game-based action franchise.

Seeking to escape The Umbrella Corp's underwater city-simulation complex (chucking in city-scapes of New York, London and Tokyo), she finds herself pitched zombies, an assortment of tentacled monsters and clones under the control of a digital Red Queen.

And thanks to a convenient cloning plot device she also confronts already killed-off characters played by Michelle Rodriguez's Angel of Death and Oded Fehr in guns-blazing curtain calls.

Say what you like about director Paul WE Anderson but he's got an unerring, visual eye and some of the setpieces - a stark white corridor leading to a gore-spattered suburban dream home - never fail to impress.

Jovovich is a game badass and the beautiful slo-mo style perfectly matches the movie's video game roots.