1992 Certificate: 15


John Dahl's ice-cold modern noir stars Nicolas Cage as a luckless drifter who's drawn into duplicity and murder after being mistaken for a contract killer. Caught between duped husband JT Walsh and his cheating wife Lara Flynn Boyle, Cage decides to play along. But the game gets even more deadly when the real hitman (Dennis Hopper) shows up. In classic noir style, you'll be lured in without taking anybody's side.


  • John Dahl


  • Nicolas Cage

  • Dennis Hopper

  • Lara Flynn Boyle

  • JT Walsh


Another journey into director John Dahl's world of noir duplicity: hired killers, lovers trapped by circumstance and women you can't trust.

Nicolas Cage is the Texas drifter whose gammy leg costs him a job in Wyoming and forces him to drive on to the town of Red Rock, where he's almost immediately mistaken by Wayne (JT Walsh) as the killer he's hired to dispatch his faithless wife (Lara Flynn Boyle).

Taking the money, Cage hotfoots it to warn the wife who immediately gives him more money to kill her husband. Stocking up with provisions, Cage goes for the sensible option and drives off with all the money.

However, circumstances in these films being what they are, he soon finds himself driving in and out of Red Rock like a yo-yo, always on the run from someone, most notably the real hitman (Dennis Hopper).

Doomy, tightly shot and with a suitably desperate hero, Red Rock is all that this kind of film should be, down to the bitter climax.

The characters are cold and passionless, oblivious til the last moment of fate closing in on them all.