2016 Certificate: 12


In this lively prequel to the Aussie family hit Red Dog, doting dad Mick (Jason Isaacs) tells his kids the story behind the first movie - because it was all about his dog. Sent to live with his grouchy grandfather (Bryan Brown) on his cattle station back in 1968, the 11-year-old Mick (Pan's Levi Miller) comes across a scrappy stray pup he names 'Blue'... who actually turns out to be red. Bonded by their sense of adventure, the pair soon become inseparable. Which means that when one gets into trouble, so does the other... A heartwarming coming-of-age tale.


  • Kriv Stenders


  • Jason Isaacs

  • Levi Miller

  • Thomas Cocquerel

  • Bryan Brown

  • Hanna Mangan Lawrence

  • John Jarratt