1987 Certificate: 18


Stallone's unstoppable warrior sharpens his blade and tightens his bandana once more, this time to rescue his old pal Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) from the depths of Russian-occupied Afghanistan. You'd think it impossible to lay waste to a wasteland but our hero manages it in another gung-ho action blitz. Astonishingly, while setting a Guinness Record for movie violence in 1990 with 221 violent acts, Rambo still finds time for a game of polo with the Taliban!


  • Peter MacDonald


  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Richard Crenna

  • Kurtwood Smith

  • Marc de Jonge


It's a little odd to find John Rambo fighting alongside the Mujahideen, but that's how life was back in the 80s.

With the Russians fighting the Afghans, it was the US who armed up the Muslim rebels to fight back, and when Rambo's father figure, Col. Trautman, comes to ask Rambo for his help busting into 'Ghan to supply the rebels with arms, Rambo refuses.

Instead, Rambo sticks to the quiet life, stick fighting in Thailand. But when Trautman is taken prisoner, there's only one man who can save him.

With a rare, albeit short-lived love interest, a body count that set a new record for on-screen deaths, and his standard giant knife, it's Rambo as you'd expect. Killing with abandon, and occasionally delivering life lessons in golden nugget one-liners.