1985 Certificate: 15


For First Blood Part II (Second Blood? ), Stallone's taciturn killing machine switches from hunted to hunter as he returns to the jungles of South East Asia to rescue American PoWs. It's a favour to his old buddy Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna), but being a covert mission, Rambo must face an army of sadistic and heavily armed hostiles completely on his own. They don't stand a chance.


  • George P Cosmatos


  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Richard Crenna

  • Steven Berkoff

  • Charles Napier

  • Julia Nickson


Sylvester Stallone is back as Vietnam vet John Rambo, this time taken from jail and sent back to the jungles of South East Asia to find missing American PoWs. The resultant hell-let-loose entertains every foot of the way. Rambo's trek provides first-class action: never mind reality, feel the speed and power, and the skill of the film making.