1979 Certificate: 15


It's 1964, and disillusioned youth Jimmy (Phil Daniels) finds an outlet for his angst in the booming Mod movement. But as part of the moped-riding, Parka-wearing, trouble-causing fraternity, Jimmy is swept up in a wave of violence that's about to crash on the Brighton seafront. Featuring an up-and-coming cast including Ray Winstone, Leslie Ash and Sting as the Mod-in-chief, Franc Roddam's adaptation of The Who's rock opera is as iconic as British drama gets.


  • Franc Roddam


  • Phil Daniels

  • Sting

  • Leslie Ash

  • Ray Winstone

  • Philip Davis

  • Toyah Willcox


An adrenalin-high film which successfully explores the sixties Mod culture.

Its source material is the rock album by The Who, whose film company produced 'Quadrophenia'. The violent centrepiece is a well-staged Bank Holiday seaside riot.

Director Franc Roddam brings it all down to human terms through the emotional and social conflicts of the central character Jimmy (a meaty role for Phil Daniels).

Stylish, angry, loud - just like the era it recreates - the film also features the acting debut of singer Sting.