2011 Certificate: u


Shrek's fencing feline sidekick finally stands on his own four paws, leading a quest to literally find the goose that lays the golden egg. As ever, Antonio Banderas provides purrfect vocals for the lady-chasing outlaw who hooks up with Salma Hayek's pickpocket Kitty Softpaws and all-round bad egg Humpty Dumpty in an adventure that pits them against criminal wrong 'uns Jack and Jill. Slick visuals and a rollicking crew of cute critters will enchant the nippers in this swashbuckling animated spin-off.


  • Chris Miller


  • Antonio Banderas

  • Salma Hayek

  • Zach Galifianakis

  • Billy Bob Thornton


When Puss in Boots first made his sad kitten eyes in Shrek 2 millions of cat-loving anklebiters found themselves purring in appreciation.

So it's hardly surprising that the Zorro-with-pads-paws'n'claws has now been given his own action adventure which - Shrek-like - plunders the rich history of fairytale lore.

Brought up in an orphanage in the Mexican hilltop town of San Ricardo, he forms a blood bond with Humpty Dumpty (Galifianakis), a bullied loner for whom Puss becomes protector (from the likes of Little Boy Blue).

However, where Humpty graduates from petty thievery to bank robbery, Puss stays loyal to the town that adopted him and the pair bitterly go their own separate ways when a heist goes wrong.

Years later Humpty tracks Puss down...and persuades him to join a quest to steal the magic beans of Jack & The Beanstalk fame and seize a golden egg from the ogre's castle in the clouds.

Young fans of Puss will relish the prospect of following his adventures thoughout a whole feature but director Chris Miller - who worked on the original Shrek series - crams rather too much incident into a lean running time.

Banderas is, as ever, a joy as Puss, his deep, rumbling voice totally at odds with the pocket-sized moggy, Galifianakis brings a playful duplicity to Humpty and Hayek makes an adequate romantic foil to the furry lothario.

Jack and Jill, the hill-climbing, pail-carriers of popular lore are neatly reinvented as a couple of venal robbers hauled around the desert in a wooden personnel carrier pulled by red-eyed wild boar.

Purr-fect fun for rugrats mourning the end of the Shrek series.