2012 Certificate: 12


Vivacious tale of village shopkeeper's daughter Rose (Deborah Francois) who travels to Normandy to try out for a job as a secretary for local lawyer - and bachelor - Louis (Romain Duris). Her interview is a disaster but reveals a special gift - she is a speed demon on the typewriter! Louis' competitive spirit is reawakened and he hires Rose and to compete in the country's cut-throat typing contests.


  • Régis Roinsard


  • Romain Duris

  • Deborah Francois

  • Bérénice Bejo

  • Shaun Benson

  • Mélanie Bernier


Taking its name from the legendary typewriter - the Japy Populaire - used in the film, this frothy romance zips along, powered by pleasing performances from Romain Duris and Deborah Francois.

He's Louis Echard, a debonair 1950sNormandy insurance salesman who advertises for a secretary to work in his busy office...but gets smalltown grocer's daughter Rose (Francois) instead.

She's willing...but not able yet manages to wrangle a position by virtue of her insanely fast typing speeds, a skill Louis seeks to exploit by sending her into the local - and then national - speed-typing championships.

There's an attractive coyness about this - Rose moves into Louis' house to practice yet their romance takes time to ignite (Louis is still infatuated with his childhood sweetheart, The Artist's Berenice Bejo).

Another strength is the look of the movie, particularly during the manic typing competitions as the action cuts between the competing secretaries as they rattle the keys in an all-out war.