1967 Certificate: 18


Thriller starring Lee Marvin as a gangster seeking revenge after being shot and left for dead at Alcatraz. With Angie Dickinson.


  • John Boorman


  • Angie Dickinson

  • Lee Marvin

  • Carroll O'Connor

  • Keenan Wynn


This impressive gangster picture was the first Hollywood film for British director John Boorman. It opens with crook Lee Marvin shot and left for dead in the deserted Alcatraz prison by his partner John Vernon after a heist. He manages to get himself fit again and sets out to get revenge and his share of the loot back. Tracking down his wife, who along with Vernon betrayed him, the trail leads first to his sister-in-law, Angie Dickinson, and then to the Organisation who Vernon now works for. Marvin is great, snappily dressed in cool grey suits and, as a killer, is as cold as ice. There are some marvellous set pieces and bursts of majestic violence among the stylish filming, too. Very much of its time, but a classic nevertheless.