1971 Certificate: pg


Walter Matthau takes a different leading role in each segment of Neil Simon's bittersweet, three-in-one comedy. The one-liners bounce off the walls of a single New York hotel room as Matthau first plays a cheating husband, then a slimy movie producer, and finally the frazzled father of a cold-footed bride. His three leading ladies offer more than mere room service too.


  • Arthur Hiller


  • Walter Matthau

  • Maureen Stapleton

  • Lee Grant

  • Barbara Harris


That lovable grouch Walter Matthau crops up not once but three times in this amusing romp adapted from Neil Simon's hit Broadway play.

Told in separate parts, it follows three very different sets of people who stay in Suite 719 of the Plaza Hotel in New York City: a husband desperate to escape from his wife, a film producer meeting his old love, and finally a father of a frightened bride-to-be.