2014 Certificate: 15


Credit card fraudsters Sam (Downton Abbey's Ed Speleers) and Fordy (BAFTA Rising Star Will Poulter) find themselves owing £2m to a sadistic crime boss. Given just two weeks to raise the cash, they head off to Miami to target Florida's big spenders... and their credit cards. However, their ambitious scam is complicated by an unhinged fellow crimmo and the distraction of foxy tea leaf Emma Rigby. Heist caper from Rise of the Footsoldier director Julian Gilbey.


  • Julian Gilby


  • Ed Speleers

  • Will Poulter

  • Alfie Allen

  • Sebastian de Souza

  • Emma Rigby

  • Thomas Kretschmann


Student credit card scammers Sam (Speleers) and Fordy (Poulter) make a nice line in petty deception, cloning plastic and stockpiling a shed-load of dubiously-acquired iPads, jeans and laptops.

However, they find themselves out of their depth when partners-in-crime Rafa (De Souza) and Yatesey (Allen) make the mistake of robbing a hooker's john they've set up for blackmail in the back of his beamer.

The tablet computer they make off with belongs to major league thug Marcel (Kretschmann), a crime boss who quickly tracks them down and gives all four of them two weeks to come back with £2m.

Ever resourceful Sam hits on the idea of relocating to Miami to relieve high-rollers of their moolah and persuades credit card clerk Frankie (Rigby) to perform an inside job on the company's more lucrative marks.