2013 Certificate: 15


Deep-sea diver Petter (Aksel Hennie) is suspicious when he blacks out during a dive, resulting in the death of his brother in an underwater explosion. Back on dry land, he begins probing the American company driving the 70s Norwegian oil boom and finds himself the target of vested interests who will do anything to keep the black gold flowing. Wes Bentley and Stephen Lang co-star in this maritime thriller based on real events from Erik Skjoldbjaerg, director of the acclaimed psycho-drama Insomnia, later remade by Christopher Nolan.


  • Erik Skjoldbjaerg


  • Aksel Hennie

  • Wes Bentley

  • Stephen Lang

  • Jonathan LaPaglia

  • Jørgen Langhelle

  • André Eriksen


It's corporate skullduggery under the ocean wave as Norway's 1980s oil boom forms the slippery backdrop to some unsavoury deep sea double-dealing.

Veteran commercial diver Petter (Hennie) is part of a US-Norwegian team trialling a method of plunging to previously unworkable depths by breathing a combination of oxygen and gas.

The prize is the unimaginable wealth that will come pouring down a pipeline if they can successfully lay it beneath the deep waters under the North Sea off the Norwegian coast.

Tragedy strikes when Petter blacks out during an exercise 500 metres down...and his brother Knut (Eriksen) is killed when an inflatable plug bursts, causing an explosion.

The American money-men behind the operation are happy to hint that Petter was to blame...so he launches his own investigation, uncovering a sinister web of deceit.

Solid scuba-thriller.

Tim Evans