1964 Certificate: u


With a deadline looming, a Hollywood screenwriter (William Holden) drags himself from the Parisian party circuit and hires an eager assistant (Audrey Hepburn) to help him act out his big - and mostly outlandish - ideas. Amusing make-believe between the two leads plus cameos from Tony Curtis, Marlene Dietrich and Noel Coward as a big-time producer make this a light yet unusual take on the creative process.


  • Richard Quine


  • William Holden

  • Audrey Hepburn

  • Tony Curtis

  • Noel Coward


Some nice moments in this comedy about a screenplay writer and his secretary acting out the weird and wonderful ideas they dream up for a film script, with diversions into Dracula, spy stories and jungle epics on the way.

Although the film, scripted by George Axelrod, who wrote The Seven Year Itch, tends to be an hour of unadulterated fun and 50 minutes of rather tiresome talk, it's well worth a look for its high quota of madcap moments.

One is an early chase sequence, when Holden, as a fictitious secret agent, is pursued by dozens of trench-coated spies; and another is a second, even more hilarious pursuit through Paris, with Tony Curtis and Gregoire Aslan, guest-starring as two comic policemen, chasing the fictitious Holden, who is this time attired as the Lone Ranger.

Audrey Hepburn is a delight, too.