2012 Certificate: 15


In the first found-footage chiller, a couple were terrorised and then killed/possessed. The follow-up focused on the possessed woman's sister. The third chapter featured the two women as kids, 20 years earlier. This (allegedly) final instalment features Katie (Katie Featherston), the original woman possessed... But it mainly concerns itself with the experiences of a Nevada family who unwisely take in a creepy young boy while his mom is in hospital. Go fourth and terrify...


  • Henry Joost

  • Ariel Schulman


  • Katie Featherstone

  • Brady Allen


The massively successful found-footage series maintains its customary levels of ingenuity to keep up the interest in this fourth outing.

Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman bring the action closer to the present day.

Teenage Alex (Newton) - a gadget-obsessed soul who likes to film her family with her cameraphone and to Skype with her dorky boyfriend Ben (Shively - lives with her six-year-old brother Wyatt (Lovekamp) in the Nevada backwoods.

When something weird happens to the single mom across the street, her oddball son Robbie (Allen) comes to stay with them until his mother is out of the hospital.

The kids' parents are going through a rocky patch and are too pre- occupied to get freaked out by the increasingly bizarre goings-on in the house following Robbie's arrival.

However, the protective Alex is all too aware and gets Ben to rig up laptops to automatically record in her room, in Wyatt's, the kitchen and in the living room.

The significant frights are served up by violent poltergeist-style movement of everyday items and the time-old tradition of the imaginary friend who is probably not actually that friendly.

There's nothing that new...but what there is still has the power to make it crowded behind the settee.