2011 Certificate: 15


The third instalment of the lo-fi horror sensation takes the story back to 1988, focusing on sisters Katie and Kristi and how a shadowy demon became so obsessed with the pair. Co-directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman - who made the acclaimed 'docu-drama' Catfish - are in charge of the scares while original creator Oren Peli is back producing and Christopher B Landon, who served as a writer on the shock-filled second chapter, once again pens the script.


  • Henry Joost

  • Ariel Shulman


  • Sprague Grayden

  • Lauren Bittner

  • Christopher Nicholas Smith

  • Katie Featherston


Not only did the third instalment in the supernatural reality series terrify audiences...it also spooked the box office competition with an $26.2m best opening day for a horror film in the United States.

Not bad for a film made for $5m.

Rewinding 18 years before events of the first and second films, a box of old videotapes reveals old footage of sisters Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) living with their mother Julie (Bittner) and her boyfriend, Dennis (Smith).

Even then strange things were happening. Kristi makes an invisible friend called Toby. Dennis and Julie try to make a sex tape. There's an earthquake.

While shooting their aborted carnal short, the camera captures dust falling from the ceiling and landing on an invisible figure in the room.

Slowly, the mysterious entity begins to grow more assured, trapping people in the bathroom and throwing Katie forcefully into a wardrobe. But Julie believes everything is alright. Bad move.

Catfish's directing duo of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman take over for the third instalment, maintaining the icy dread of the first two movies but upping the action element and developing the supernatural angle.

Exploring the backstory of how the spooks were first provoked produces a satisfying shock-a-thon with the standard formula of the series discovering a new lease of life (and death).