1995 Certificate: 15


Dustin Hoffman, Rene Russo and Morgan Freeman are among the medical and military personnel frantically battling to prevent an Ebola epidemic when a monkey carrying the deadly virus pop up in a small US town. Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland and Cuba Gooding Jr join the race to find the vaccine, but there's no cure for Troy director Wolfgang Petersen's contagious strain of gung-ho heroism and sweaty suspense.


  • Wolfgang Petersen


  • Dustin Hoffman

  • Rene Russo

  • Morgan Freeman

  • Cuba Gooding Jr

  • Kevin Spacey

  • Donald Sutherland


Top military scientist Dustin Hoffman sniffs a disaster waiting to happen when he investigates an African village wiped out by a plague virus - and he's right.

We've been here before, though - and seen sinister superiors like Donald Sutherland.

'Do you know how much it costs to send out a special alert? ' he asks Hoffman. 'You know the chances of such a virus turning up in the US are nil.'

Hah! Pretty soon the residents of Cedar Creek, California, are dying in their hundreds and Sutherland, who 'eliminated' an infected African village 28 years before, and developed an antidote he plans to use as a biological weapon, now persuades the President to blast Cedar Creek off the face of the earth.

Hoffman races against time to beat both Sutherland and the virus. 'It's one billionth our size,' he complains, 'and it's beating us.'

The result of all this is a hi-tech, high velocity, if jingoistic thriller into which director Wolfgang Peterson even manages to inject (sorry! ) a dogfight between helicopters.