2010 Certificate: 12


It's Meet The Fockers with extra cultural complications when a newly engaged couple (America 'Ugly Betty' Ferrera and Lance Gross) surprise their families with the big news. They expected a little resistance, but nothing prepares them for the war of egos that develops between their pig-headed dads (Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia). A light-hearted comedy of interracial relations with all the traditional second thoughts, slapstick and stereotypes.


  • Rick Famuyiwa


  • Forest Whitaker

  • America Ferrera

  • Carlos Mencia

  • Lance Gross

  • Regina King


Poor Shannyn Sossamon. One minute you're all set to be the next Winona Ryder, playing the cool chick to Noughties hunks like James "Dawson" Van Der Beek (The Rules of Attraction), Josh Hartnett (40 Days And 40 Nights), and Heath Ledger (A Knight's Tale; The Sin Eater).

The next, you are the next Winona Ryder, scraping one scene and tenth place on the cast list in timewasters like Our Family Wedding. As one of Forest Whitaker's girlfriends.

That's right, ONE of Forest Whitaker's girlfriends. Yessir, it's an odd karmic twist that takes a girl from #33 in Maxim's Hot 100 of 2002 to the brink of obscurity while the guy who once embodied Idi Amin takes top billing as an irresistible ladies' man.

Whitaker is Brad Boyd, a divorced radio DJ given cause to reassess his playboy lifestyle when his graduate doctor son Marcus (Gross) flies back to LA with his new Hispanic fiance Lucia (Ferrera).

While Marcus is well aware of his dad's views on marriage, Lucia is the more nervous. Not only has she not told her folks she's dropped out of law school, she hasn't told them anything about Marcus. Like the glaringly obvious fact that he's, you know, non-Hispanic.

They plan to keep stress to a minimum by making all the introductions and announcements over dinner (cue Sossamon).

Sadly, the evening is doomed as Brad and Lucia's equally competitive, towtruck-owning father Miguel (Mencia) have already met under acrimonious, parking-related circumstances.

The scene is thus set for a tale of macho pride and childish prejudices as Brad and Miguel try to prove who's the biggest alpha-male moron while a congregation of generic secondary characters look on.

The bride's side provides the requisite world-weary mother, sharp-tongued sister and disapproving (i.e. racist) grandmother. For the groom, we have Brad's lawyer friend Angela (Regina King) and a cheery fellow channelling Eddie Murphy to little comedic effect.

Over four decades have passed since the ground-breaking Guess Who's Coming To Dinner first crossed the interracial romantic divide. But while this update intends solely to amuse, its sense of humour is as weak as the supposedly happy couple at its core.

They're as spineless as a pair of jelly babies. Sadder yet, the run-up to their wedding moves and feels like a funeral.

Apparently, Mencia is a stand-up comedian but there's little evidence of it as he and Whitaker go on their ill-fated quest for laughs. One flooded sink, a Viagra-crazed goat and several facefuls of wedding cake do not an aisle-rolling experience make.

"Love can't tell time" goes the key romantic message. But we can... though you might doubt it after realising this ordeal only runs to 97 minutes.