2004 Certificate: 15


The Blair Witch Project meets Jaws in this low budget shocker that cared the pants off Sundance audiences in 2004. Inspired by a true story, a troubled and frustrated couple is accidentally left adrift in the middle of the ocean by their dive-boat crew during a scuba-diving trip. Soon, something much scarier than any domestic argument begins to lurk beneath the waters...


  • Chris Kentis


  • Blanchard Ryan

  • Daniel Travis


This zero-budget thriller, based on a true story of a married couple who got left behind in shark-infested waters on a scuba trip, took the 2004 Sundance Film Festival by storm and is being hyped as "this year's Blair Witch Project"...

It works by tapping into that most primal terror - sharks.

True to life the couple spend the first 40 minutes or so bickering but when the shocks start they're certainly nerve-jangling and all the more impressive given that this no budget film didn't use visual effects - it used real sharks!

The scenes of the couple floating in the water while dark shapes cruise beneath them have a terrifying sense of dread.

Once the film establishes the fact that the couple have been abandoned in the middle of the ocean, a series of ever more scary moments ensue as they're bumped from below, or a fin or tail suddenly breaks the surface.

The ending really delivers something that will stay with you long afterwards.

The only downside is that like Blair Witch, the hype may raise audience expectations too much.

That said, the final 20 minutes are so bloody scary that you cease to notice any lack of budget. Shocks and sharks - recommendation enough.

Adrian Zak