2013 Certificate: 15


A rogue North Korean terrorist group takes down the White House, kidnaps the president (Aaron Eckhart) and threatens to detonate America's nuclear arsenal while it's still in its siloes. Fortunately for Uncle Sam, former presidential security officer Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is the one man who knows the besieged building better than the radicals. Director Antoine Fuqua detonates the sort of explosive action thriller that would click with the National Rifle Association.


  • Antoine Fuqua


  • Gerard Butler

  • Aaron Eckhart

  • Rick Yune

  • Morgan Freeman

  • Angela Bassett

  • Dylan McDermott


Gerard Butler plays Mike Banning, a presidential guard who's in the doldrums after pulling his boss from his limousine seconds before it tipped off a bridge into an icy river. Unfortunately, the First Lady was still on board.

Eighteen months down the line he's humiliatingly behind a desk when an unmarked military plane flies over Washington and machine-guns anybody within a few hundred yards of the White House. Cripes.

At the same time President Asher (Eckhart,) has just received a delegation of South Korean officials only for half of them to turn out to be from north of the border while one is a former colleague of Mike's who is apparently fed up with "globalisation, Wall Street..." etc.

Within minutes, the White House has been taken down - ie Olympus Has Fallen - and the prez is cuffed to a railing in his bunker while North Korean nutjob Kang (Yune) violently extracts the nuclear abort codes from Asher's staff.

Anyway, Mike's soon working his way down the White House corridors, knifing wrong'uns in the head and even smashing some rotter's skull with a bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln.

He's also managed to get acting president Trumbull on the line (Morgan Freeman in possibly his only appearance where he loses his temper) while tensions are rising as the terror cell begins executing its hostages.