2016 Certificate: 15


Party animal Clay Vanstone (TJ Miller) is completely off the leash when he arranges the wildest Christmas bash to impress a client... and save the jobs of his workers at a struggling Chicago IT company. He enlists the help of his chief technical officer (Jason Bateman) but also faces the ire of his ball-breaking sister and company CEO (Jennifer Aniston), who wants to close the place down. Superlative seasonal high jinks from the whipsmart comedy team behind The Switch and Blades of Glory.


  • Josh Gordon

  • Will Speck


  • Jason Bateman

  • TJ Miller

  • Jennifer Aniston

  • Olivia Munn

  • Kate McKinnon

  • Courtney B Vance


'Tis the season to be... trashed on a hooker's cocaine stash while the office Christmas party drunkenly degenerates into a corporate Sodom and Gomorrah.

Director Will Speck and Josh Gordon - the comedy team behind The Switch and ​Blades of Glory - grab the seasonal company shindig by the baubles for a gloriously off-colour yarn.

Reluctant boss Clay (Silicone Valley's Miller) fails to heed the warning of his chief computer geek Josh (Bateman) that his Chicago IT company is going to crash for good if he doesn't land a new deal.

Clay reckons that only way to save the show from closure by his waspish sister - and company CEO - Carol (Aniston) is to host an epic Christmas party to impress potential client Walter Davis (Vance).

However, his booze-fuelled orgy of geeks getting down'n'dirty faces opposition from rules-obsessed HR harridan Mary (McKinnon), who respects the workforce's beliefs by decking herself out in a non-denominational holiday sweater.

Things get even more complicated when corporate client Walter gets a blast in the face from a snow-cannon firing cocaine and hapless IT boss Nate (Karan Soni) invites a prostitute to the party to pose as his imaginary girlfriend.

Delivering a Santa's sack-full of zingers, Speck and Gordon offer up a Christmas comedy that never flags and reveals the considerable potential of Miller, a comedian in the style of Blade of Glory's Jon Heder.

Aniston is nicely cast as the thawing ice queen while Olivia Munn - as Josh's love interest - does a bit more than the sidekick love interest is traditionally allowed to.

Bums on the photocopier now!

Tim Evans