1957 Certificate: u


Drama starring Anna Neagle as the matron of a children's hospital who faces a dilemma over two young slum children. With Anthony Quayle.


  • Cyril Frankel


  • Sylvia Syms

  • George Baker

  • Anna Neagle

  • Anthony Quayle


All (synthetic) human life and love is here in this Anna Neagle vehicle of the Fifties set in a children's hospital. As Matron, Neagle is charm itself as she faces all sorts of dilemmas, and Anthony Quayle is solidly reliable as the senior doctor. Meanwhile Sylvia Syms' nurse suffers the pain of unrequited love for houseman George Baker; a small boy is in danger of losing his sight; and a pair of twins (played by Boulting Twins, the sons of Roy Boulting) fool the doctors about which one has appendicitis. In other words, this is standard medical soap fare and could be mistaken for a bumper edition of Casualty.