2010 Certificate: 15


Casual sex is celebrated in this bawdy rom-com which pitches Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as a couple of former schoolmates who keep on mating for fun in a strictly "no-strings" relationship. Except that Ashton's fallen in love. Comedy veteran Ivan Reitman (Animal House, Ghostbusters) keeps the smut 'n' sauce coming while there's game support from Kevin Kline as Ashton's randy old dad and Lake Bell as a ditzy production assistant.


  • Ivan Reitman


  • Ashton Kutcher

  • Natalie Portman

  • Kevin Kline

  • Lake Bell

  • Cary Elwes


Most red-blooded males would settle for a sex-only arrangement with Natalie Portman...but Ashton Kutcher wants more.

He plays Adam, a twenty-something assistant TV producer whose sense of relationship decorum has been knocked off beam by the knowledge that his father (Kline) is dating his airheaded ex (Ophelia Lovibond,

So he enters into a no-strings-attached sex deal with Emma (Portman), a commitment-phobe who "doesn't do affection" and wants nothing more than a successful career as a doctor. And uncomplicated rumpy-pumpy.

However, very quickly Adam realises he's falling for Emma, is not keen on this "coitus without cost" scenario and starts bringing his icky feelings of lurve to bed...and elsewhere. She, however, likes it just the way it is...