2009 Certificate: 18


When a bunch of teenage party-goers attend an illegal party in an abandoned mansion it's a Halloween they'll never forget. In fact, it's a Halloween most of them won't survive after encountering a coven of body-snatching demons. Tongue-in-cheek remake of the splattery 1988 cult horror with American Pie hottie Shannon Elizabeth as the hostess with hell on her hands and Terminator 2's Edward Furlong as a local dope dealer who's about to have a very bad trip. Satisfying schlock horror from Autopsy director Adam Gierasch.


  • Adam Gierasch


  • Shannon Elizabeth

  • Edward Furlong

  • Monica Keena

  • Bobbi Sue Luther

  • John F Beach


Foxy party girls Maddie (Keena), Suzanne (Luther) the Lily (Baird) hit on the idea of dressing up as cat-suited sex kittens for their Halloween bash.

The trouble is they're going to need a lot more than nine lives.

The blow-out is being held at New Orleans' notorious Broussard Mansion, the scene of a seance 60 years before which resulted in six people disappearing and the hostess hanging herself.

This time the dilapidated venue is hosting a banging black leather bash replete with hot tottie, day-glo cocktails and chubby Terminator 2 star Edward Furlong selling drugs as opposed to consuming them.

Mistress of ceremonies and dominatrix-style sex-pot Angela (American Pie's Elizabeth) is whipping up the swirling maelstrom of pumped-up testosterone and fizzing hormones...and then the law arrives and breaks it up.

They manage to leave behind the three boozed-up catwomen, Angela, Ed and a couple of slacker dudes who - realising the gate is jammed shut - decide to make the best of things.

However, when embarking on their own private party, the suddenly find an unwanted gatecrasher - the evil spirit of Evangeline Broussard reborn with Angela's toned bod as the new host.

Toolbox Murders writer and Autopsy director Adam Gierasch's loose remake of the controverial 1988 horror classic proves a highly enjoyable slice of schlock horror:

That is to say, faces are torn off, lipstick containers are put in unlikely places and - if the gore gets all too much - you can try to work out how Ed Furlong piled on the pounds (presumably his fling with Paris Hilton).

The prosthetics department have a field day but - incredibly - Bobbi Sue Luther's sensational stunt chest appears to be her own. Linnea Quigley - Suzanne from the original - pops up in a cameo as "Ballerina Woman".

It's a gaping cut above your normal formulaic remake fare.