1997 Certificate: 18


Erotic thriller. A man hires an escort to accompany him to his high-school reunion, but she has her own hidden agenda. Starring Tricia Lee Pascoe, Eric Woods, Richard Grieco.


  • Robert Angelo


  • Tricia Lee Pascoe

  • Charlotte Lewis

  • Eric Woods

  • Richard Grieco

  • Rochelle Swanson


That strangely scary institution, the American high school reunion, is the starting point for this thriller which sees Michael (Eric Woods) keen to impress his former classmates, in particular his rival Brandon (Richard Grieco). So Michael, still single, hires a glamorous escort, Sandra (Tricia Lee Pascoe), for the evening. But Sandra has her own needs... Since the film is produced by Playboy, you'll expect a high 'phwoar! ' factor and you'd be right. The plot is just an excuse for lots of beautiful bodies and raunchy romping.