2009 Certificate: 15


Uma Thurman plays a Manhattan yummy mummy trying to organise a birthday party for her six-year-old. However, distractions - a dishy cycle courier, her troubled chum Minnie Driver and her on-another-planet husband - threaten to derail the best laid of plans. Playing out like a Sex in the City sequel, this will strike a chord with all those frazzled mums who have headed off to the shops only to realise they've left baby behind.


  • Katherine Dieckmann


  • Uma Thurman

  • Anthony Edwards

  • Minnie Driver

  • Jodie Foster


Yummy mummies don't come much yummier than Uma Thurman...even if she does her best to hide it with a pair of NHS specs.

She plays Eliza, a frantic Manhattan mother-of-two who has to juggle being a wife to zoned out hubbie Anthony Edwards, mum to a couple of anklebiters and confiding pal to Minnie Driver's pregnant buddy.

On top of this, she's got to organise her daughter's sixth birthday party while a series of apparently innocuous, random events conspire to push her over the brink.

For a start there's the snooty French neighbour who sneers at her wearing a nightdress in the street, there's the film crew who tow her car because its blocking their shoot and there's the midnight deadline for a motherhood blog she's trying to write.

However, there are compensations...particularly the dishy young cycle courier who helps carry bags up to her flat and reminds her of the carefree nature of youth.

While it's doubtful that you average single mother living in Yeovil will have much empathy with a Greenwich Village-dwelling supermum, there are universal shared experiences - the unco-operative car seat, the unreliable spouse and unholy demands on your time.

Driver provides girly light relief with her sexually risque anecdotes and there's always retail therapy when the childcare pressures get to much.

It's a light, cheery metropolitan take on what it's like to be left holding the baby.